Traveling without insurance would be risky so do consider getting good backpacker insurance sorted before you head off on an adventure. Expect a lot of tourists on holiday here and more than a few drunken, wandering Aussies. With a month to spare, your options suddenly become larger. The introduction of new ingredients from the new world was nothing short of revolutionary. According to Britannica, there are over 160 distinct cultures in Europe, though if we’re being honest this number could be higher. It also has some nifty compression straps that help to keep your profile small (it can function as a carry-on backpack for most airlines if not overfilled). ), and the atmosphere is insane during October when it hosts professional championships like the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros. If you like riding bicycles long-distance, The Netherlands is a perfect country in which to feed that urge. If you really want to pack in multiple countries on your trip it is possible. An exception could be popping over to Wales from England for a week or so. Bring snacks. It resembles more southern Spain not only in the scenery but in vibes. Over the years, it has been tamed and crisscrossed with so many trails that just about anyone can visit here. And it’s a pretty stylish travel backpack for men especially. Traveling in Scandinavia can be notoriously expensive. Trekking is a great way to get to know any country by experiencing its wild side. Heck, they even made a separate fit for men and women! Je vous parle aujourd’hui de mon voyage sac à dos en Europe: conseil, recommandations, bagages et essentiels :) Mes meilleurs app: 1 … No matter what you eat, chances are it will be delicious. I wracked up $15,000 in hospital bills, but these were completely covered by my travel insurance. Spain is a country that truly never sleeps. Un mois sur la route, ou plutôt les rails, puisque le moyen de transport utilisé a été le train, via le pass Interrail si connu par les voyageurs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Since France is quite a large country in European terms, there are so many hidden gems in this country that I have lost track. En découle une obligation à se débrouiller avec très peu, à prévoir, calculer et surtout, être imaginatif. Free Backpack Europe Checklist Printable. Asturias is a terrific place to visit in Spain if you like to hike, and you are after a completely different side of “traditional” Spain. Tourists have been coming here for years to see the likes of the Colosseum, drink wine in Tuscany, tour the canals of Venice; all that touristy stuff. I wouldn’t dare try it without a travel neck pillow in my backpack. Sicily with its miles of coastline produces some of the finest seafood in the country not to mention amazing deserts. London is a destination unto itself for obvious reasons. A truly epic travel blog requires three key ingredients: badass content, passionate writers, and the support of its readers. Thank you for supporting our travels so we can bring you more guides! but that’s cool! Admittedly, you’ll probably get tired of Belgium quicker than other European countries not to mention put your arteries at serious risk. Do things that aren’t on the “must see sights” in travel magazines. The pace here is slower than that of other European countries. Whilst the middle of the summer can be a very beautiful time to visit, the summertime is the most crowded season and it is also the hottest. Where ever you turn you will find different kinds of wine, cheese, and even variations on the French language. Whilst the Euro was introduced in 1999, so far only 12 of Europe’s 50 states have signed up for it. Hostel towels are scummy and take forever to dry. With some preparation, research, and yes, a little bit of money, you can do it, too. Get away from the comfort of the south and go to Scotland. Justifiably so to a degree, though I would argue that Europe is still just as safe as it ever was to go traveling. If you find yourself backpacking in Barcelona, there are a ton of fun fiestas to get into. La philosophie des backpackers, c'est de vivre au jour le jour avec leur maison sur le dos et de se laisser mener là où les envies les conduisent. Certain nationalities deemed safe can also enter. Blog Voyages en Europe. One could spend 7 days here checking things out or a lifetime exploring. Prices rise with the temperatures in the summer. The GRAYL GEOPRESS water bottle is the ONLY all-in-one filter water bottle setup you’ll need. With a few tips and travel hacks for backpacking Europe up your sleeve, you can really enjoy the best of what Europe has to offer without ending up penniless by journeys end. In a single day, you can sample greek mosaics, roman temples, ottoman fortresses, and communist tram’ tracks. The choice is up to you! Are you covered in case of an accident during your backpacking trip through Europe? Spend a few extra days getting to know a popular city. The main issue with this bag is that it’s really more of a duffel or rucksack that converts to a backpack as opposed to a true backpack. For the edgier side of the Emerald Isle, cross the (porous & invisible) border to the North and check out the murals of Belfast. Those are some of the things that come to mind when thinking about The Netherlands. They’re easy to use, professional and relatively affordable. Picking a smaller country like Portugal, Spain, Austria, the Greek Islands or the UK are great options for those short on time. The fine beaches? Because the retractable cable comes in handy when you need to secure your travel backpack (for example in a dorm where the hostel doesn’t have a locker, or the locker won’t fit your bag). Oh yeah, then there are the Northern Lights! Europe is any traveller’s dream and whatever you want from travel, you can find it someplace in Europe. If you are staying in hostels, you’ll find that most travelers use backpacks for ease of portability. That means more rustic cooking, (somewhat) cloudier days, and bigger waves. When you can, make an effort to learn at least a few words of the local language of the country you are backpacking in. One thing that REALLY helps distribute the weight of a heavy backpack is a hip-strap. France is very regional. Within each of these cultures are sub-sections and divisions with their own national, religious, and historical identities. And I hope your son enjoys Europe as much as I do! The town of Chamonix is the birthplace of modern mountaineering and home to Mount Blanc, Europe’s tallest mountain. There are plenty of other groups committing acts of violence, though attacks carried out by Muslim folks receive the most coverage. It’s easy to use and saves you time and money. It has simple lines, a large front pocket, 2-way zipper, plastic buckles and … If you’re new to backpacking, Europe is a great place to start your travels — European countries are well-connected, safe, super diverse, easy to navigate, and packed with plenty of wonders. Don’t have time to read my full guide and just want to grab a quality bag asap? Recent years have brought on a string of terrorist attacks in Europe. Click to Learn My 5 Best Money-Saving Tips. The Osprey 46 L, which is my personal favorite bag, also CAN be carry-on compliant but it depends on the airline and how much you stuff into it (it can expand quite a bit beyond its official dimensions if filled to the brim). I only travel with my ASUS flipbook usually. That sounds like a great trip for your son! Fabric: … Personally, I think a lot of compartments and pockets are constraining, and I find that having fewer, larger pockets is more versatile and makes packing easier and quicker. If you wanted to be extra safe, they also have a 18.5 inch option which you will see available on Amazon. Italy has been a popular vacation destination for a looooonggg time. The Mediterranean cultures tend to frown upon people who can’t handle their shit. That’s right: you guys are key to keeping this big, beautiful blog free of ads! Find out be checking our Vienna travel guide. All you need to do is click the button below, provide the necessary information, and you’ll be emailed the ebook. Citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore can usually obtain visa’s for most European countries on arrival. Within that one culture, there are at least five different sub-cultures – probably more in reality – and three of these actually want to start their own nations: the Basque, Galicia, and Catalonia, all of which are a part of Spain. I’ve seen so many backpackers in hostels with tears in their bags, ripped straps, or just generally discolored and gross looking backpacks. Europe is home to many major global traveling hubs and international airports. This article includes tips on how to plan your trip, the cheapest way to travel, where to stay, and other important tips for backpacking. These range from epic day-hikes to challenging multi-day adventures. Hostels are a cheap alternative to motels or hotels while you travel … To top it off, Germany has one of the strongest economies in the EU, yet traveling here is surprisingly affordable in comparison to the rest of Western Europe. Spain is incredibly diverse. Help us keep the site going! This has led to a string of pro-nationalist anti-Muslim rhetoric across Europe, unfairly blaming the Muslim populations for a wide swath of internal problems. Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. A decent head torch could save your life. Backpackers, si vous devez choisir et préparer votre sac à dos pour partir en voyage, lisez cette page ! From here you can easily visit Game of Thrones locations or check out the geologically wondrous Giants Causeway. If you love snow sports, a winter visit is an obvious choice to explore the French, Swiss, or Italian Alps. A great way to fit more items in your travel backpack is to use compression bags to squeeze the air out of your clothes. Well, fortunately, that’s easy and cheap to find when traveling Europe. Traveling Europe by campervan is classic, most awesome option. Finland, Denmark, and Sweden are home to their fair share of absolutely stunning nature in addition to some of the cleanest and most efficient cities in the world. Next hit up The Alps. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Europe backpacking routes I have assembled below. But not to be missed are the Cliffs of Moher, the ancient streets of Galway, and the colored houses of Cork in the capital of “authentic Ireland”. We love Europe. Either way, we would advise considering taking out European travel insurance. Experience life with no cars on Hydra. Then it’s back to Athens! It lives in Switzerland. 14 févr. A 9-hour journey with a company like Flixbus is likely to cost you between 25-50 Euros depending on when you book. The core countries of the European Union – France, UK, Italy, Germany – are not exactly digital nomad havens. I was delirious, unable to walk, and in a lot of pain but I managed to call my insurance provider – they moved me to a much better private hospital where the doctors were able to save my leg. I hope the information I have provided will help you navigate the exciting European journey you have decided to embark on. Don’t be that dickhead that contributes to their demise and destruction. Now you can start thinking about covering a larger backpacking route. No wonder the Tortuga Outbreaker consistently raving reviews from users. Espagne, Italie, Bulgarie, Grande-Bretagne, Portugal, Baléares, France, Suède. You’ll hear me say this several times throughout this Europe travel guide: If you can rent a campervan at least for one week, you won’t be disappointed! That’s why I always add travel insurance to my packing list. This means you can get anywhere in the world, often with a direct flight depending on where you’re going. Spend a few days (or more) exploring Paris before taking a flight ferry, coach or train to England. There are your squats in Paris, beach clubs in Ibiza, warehouse raves in Berlin, music festivals in the Netherlands, all of that, and then some. Backpacking Europe = a LOT of time spent on trains, planes, and buses (not to mention hostels without adequate facilities). Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment. Bottom line: this region has landscapes so green that the hills seem to have been spray-painted green in every sense of the word. Love what we do? North African traders and immigrants have had a profound effect on the Mediterranean diets and cultures as distant as China have purportedly influenced the creation of pasta. Even with minimal, you can carve out your own track to seeing a more authentic Europe – for example, visit anywhere in England that isn’t London or pick any Baltic state. France is full of lovely soft-boiled eggs, uhm I mean humans…. Then I suggest upgrading to the Osprey Fairpoint 55. Whether you need to purify the water from a hostel sink in Kathmandu or a stream trickle in the Andes, the Geopress has got you covered. However, this rich and complex melding of cultures does have a darker side and you cannot fail to miss the anguished scars left by brutal dictatorships and tribal wars that still dot the landscapes and cities across the region. Plus, I happen to think it looks pretty stylish (I have the black version) compared to other backpacks that scream “I’m a scruffy backpacker who hasn’t showered in days” to everyone you meet. The Setout packs like a suitcase but has the mobility of a backpack. The world need-not revolve around us native English speakers! As a lover of cool cities and good beer, I am totally enamored with Germany. When visiting Spain, it is absolutely mandatory to sit down to a tapas meal with friends and to converse over them, preferably for an entire night. I’ve presented an average as I have found it to be. Personally, I suggest aiming to be as lean possible. The old olive groves running through tiny villages? So if you want a safe bet that many others seem to like, this is a good choice. If you are planning to combine a trip to Greece with Turkey, you should definitely check out these beautiful islands. So in this post, I’m going to quickly help you find the best travel backpack for Europe for you! But there are other places in Germany worth seeing. Not too bad! It’s almost as if Belgium is a guilty pleasure of sorts. follow me through my adventure, five months of travelling. Experience life in one of Europe’s most exciting cities in Berlin. This is Spain. The Italians like the slow burn, starting with a spritz at aperitivo, then a nice dinner with wine, a cocktail at a local bar, before finally moving on to shots at the bar. I can’t get enough of how beautiful The Carpathian Mountains are! Entry and Visa requirements vary between different European countries although many of them do follow broadly similar criteria. Cette pratique constitue une façon de voyager en soi, une autre vision du voyage. So with that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the best backpacks for traveling Europe, starting with our top ranked bag: Our writer Hedy reviewed the Tortuga Setout Backpack and, wow, were we blown away by the versatility and durability of Tortuga’s super-practical travel backpack. The Alps are right there as well so feel free to go hiking, skiing, or whatever your outdoor fancy is. Every time I earn some money with my blog I calculate in 'months in Thailand'. If you want to backpack in Europe then you may need a Visa. Emparez–vous de votre bon vieux sac de voyage et marchez sur les traces des vétérans de la route.. 1. Carnet de voyage en Europe. Some might say that Italy can offer nothing else besides the same postcard views and disgruntled baristas. First off, people are extremely proud of their culture’s cooking. Our favourite travel backpack is the Osprey Aether (comes in 55 – 85 litre sizes). Having your own gear allows you to really take advantage of all of the beautiful wild places in the region without blowing your budget. See more ideas about backpacking europe, europe travel, travel dreams. But, if you’re a serious traveler, this comfortable backpack will be your trusty companion for many trips to come. Estonia's capital city is the ideal destination for backpacking within One other really cool feature about this bag is that it converts from a backpack into a duffel bag by folding the straps into the back. Cette région et les pays d'Europe du Nord sont parmi mes destinations préférées. Portugal is a grand paradise of sorts. It’s a win-win! Or check out Trusted Housesitters if you want to start browsing available properties now. Envie d'un voyage itinérant pour vivre de nouvelles aventures ? Whilst hiking the Dolomites, I even got 4G using my local SIM card. [mv_video key=”gyj6au1rwicjnm0hnndd” title=”Tortuga Setout Backpack Review – Is this te Best Travel Backpack?” thumbnail=”” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”16:9″ jsonLd=true]. Reply. Article de Will Hatton | Broke Backpacker. Saving Money Stay at hostels. Just a lot of charming houses, calories, and dreary weather. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than some other bags, but it’s built to last for years to come. If you are in the mood for a wonderful campervan and trekking adventure, backpacking in the UK and Scotland is the journey you have been waiting for. Spend your last couple nights in Santiago de Compostela, a Galician city with fine homemade cooking and a spectacular cathedral. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. Explore the beautiful beaches and stunning interior of France’s most relaxed region. The common theme is clear: backpacking Europe is a fantastic adventure that every traveler should experience at least once in their lifetime…. Got a couple of days in a capital city? Check out one of the many palaces or, conversely, visit an industrial museum. Switzerland is a land famous for its equally beautiful Alps, quaint villages, and hip cities. Minaal Carry-on Backpack. Start your trip on Karpathos, and enjoy its walking trails, surreal scenery, whitewashed windmills, and glass-blue water for swimming and snorkeling. So obviously a lot of other people think it’s one of the best backpacks for traveling Europe. Another is the Acropolis. Envie d'un voyage itinérant pour vivre de nouvelles aventures ? This is quite the ambitious 3 week itinerary, but I believe in you! Seeing Europe by campervan is a great experience! So that means you’ll have to buy direct from Tortuga, but yay for supporting small businesses right? Sometimes (like when I was in Mexico), I managed to also fit a full on laptop in there. The south of France is a world away from Paris and the north so welcome to the land of the sun! The Ultimate Packing List for Digital Nomads, Europe Is Expensive! Bergen is a staple of the Norwegian backpacker route but try to visit Reine if you can as well. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Spain offers some of the best backpacking Europe trips imaginable. For example, you might have no desire to visit Germany or Scotland; your heart is longing for France or Spain. Most backpackers start their trip in Lisbon as it appeals just to just about everyone. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t hurt my back, and it has a small hip strap that can be useful at times. Coffee. Discover (and save!) When it comes to partying, each culture has its own way of doing things. Often, you can find the best car rental prices when you pick up the rental from the airport. 15 Countries, 26 cities and much more ... 5 Mois d'aventures et de voyages à travers cette vidéo . World Nomads is the most popular choice for backpacker insurance in Europe, and I’ve personally used them many times in Europe. LeSportsac Voyager Backpacks are my favorite go-to everyday bag. Austria also benefits from an excellent location. Explore small villages. Also, if you need even more space (though again, I prefer to keeps things light), there is a 70 liter version. Well, simply put, the folks at Tortuga seems to have thought everything with the Setout backpack.