In 1840, after the invention of the photographic process by Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre, Voigtlander produced the first camera lens designed according to mathematical principles. Welta produced two roll film cameras that should be considered: the Weltur. In 1909, Palmos was transferred to the ICA group, and the Jena company returned to lens manufacture. I think that it aptly conveys the mood of this bleak day. Au terme de cette saison, les Sang et Or ont été sacrés Champion de L2 pour la quatrième fois de leur histoire. All of the latter were 6×6 cm format. On a perdu dans tous les compartiments du jeu [...]. Others, such as the single-element meniscus lenses, are best avoided. Retrouvez le staff et l'équipe du RCL de la saison 2009/10... saison 2009/10 And secondly, for having the bone-headed stupidity to completely ignore the oncoming tidal wave of 35mm, and never even attempt to produce a viable 35mm camera! Camera production resumed with manufacture of the famed Contax line. Dernière modification le 21 avril 2020, à 15:42,, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. After the war, the horizontal models became the Solida I, II, Junior and Record, while the vertical models became the Solida III series. On ne peut pas être déçus du résultat. There are a number of excellent references on classic cameras. Some later models had rangefinders and light meters; these are desirable options if in working condition. The East German Belca plant manufactured the Belfoca in 6×9 cm format, and Balda Bunde produced the Baldi 29, Baldix, Mess-Baldix (Hapo 66e), Balda, and Super Baldax. The Bessa I cameras retail at $35-100. Consequently, like the passenger pigeon and the Siberian wolf, by the late 1950s this  fine company had quietly faded away, with its assets auctioned off at bargain-basement prices. qu’on garde un entraineur avec la mentalité du club ! Franka produced many models of 120 format folding roll film cameras, as well as still cameras in 16mm and 35mm format, until production ceased in 1966. The list is by no means all-inclusive, and there are a number of fine cameras with which I have only limited familiarity. After WW II, Balda, like other Dresden companies, was nationalized under Russian control, and its founder fled to West Germany to start anew. The lens is a Ross Xpres f/3.5 75 mm. “Ikonta”, Pacific Rim Camera, With the exception of photo historians and camera collectors, Ensign cameras are almost unknown in the United States and Canada. En effet, le club Sang et Or vient d’officialiser l’arrivée de l’ancienne joueuse et entraîneur de la section féminine du Montpellier Hérault Sport Club, Sarah M’Barek. the rangefinder. Le RC Lens, qui a récupéré les droits sportifs d’Arras (D2 Féminine) début juillet, s’est étoffé sur le banc de touche. 620, 120 Metal, 120 Plastic, and 120 Wood Film Spools. Deux saisons plus tard, Daniel Krawczyk signe avec les féminines d'Arras, tout juste reléguées en D2. It made considerable numbers of  folding cameras, some of which were sold to other companies. Since a large proportion of Kodak’s cameras from 1932, when 620 was introduced, through the 1940s used 620 film, there are vast numbers of  Kodak roll film cameras that cannot be used with off-the-shelf film. It is the only three element I continue to use in 105mm focal length 6x9mm format. smaller and has a top speed of 1/300 sec. However, even under the best of circumstances, one should be prepared to acquire a few cameras that are destined to spend their lives as bookends. Some useful thoughts on lenses can be found on Beedham’s UK eBay Guide. McKeown reports that the Cosina-produced Heliar lenses are of excellent quality. Naturally, the bible of classic camera aficionados is James and Joan Mc Keown’s wonderful tome McKeown’s Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras. As such, they were extremely popular in pre- and post-war Europe. In 1907, the name was shortened to Ansco and the company was moved to Binghamton, New York. Later models had provision for 4.5×6 and 6×6 cm formats with drop-in masks. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *, Roxana Maracineanu étudie l’élargissement de la jauge des 5 000 spectateurs, Les pailladines affronteront l’OGC Nice en match amical. Some models of the Selfix cameras were equipped with the Ensar f/6.3 75mm lens. There have been some questions raised about the Zeiss Opton Tessar lenses, which should be of excellent quality. Plusfoto sold Voigtlander in 1997 to Ringfoto GmbH & Company, a similar cooperative, who relaunched the company. 14 avril 2009 à 12:46 #61994. lensois46. (V. Michel/L'Équipe), Manchester City prend l'eau contre Leicester, Moulin : « Il a fallu secouer le cocotier », Laurey : «Il faut se créer des occasions», Jobard : «On a volé la victoire à mes joueurs». Many of the Ikontas came with simple metal frame viewfinders, while the. Frankar, Westar, or Cassar lenses were less expensive, and probably lower quality, options. The Ansco Speedexes are identical to the Agfa Isolettes. Kodak cameras will be discussed under their own heading. Isco, founded in Gottingen in 1936, is still in existence today and specializes in cinema projection lenses. This is an extremely respectable lens and produces very sharp images. Il devient ensuite entraîneur du Stade béthunois en 1998 mais ne reste pas au club durant l'ensemble de la saison[1]. The Epsilon shutter is. Create a free website or blog at The shutter is a Compur-Rapid or Synchro-Compur with a top speed or 1/400 or 1/500 second, respectively. Both the Weltur and the Weltax are extremely well made, and it is reported that images made even with the simpler Triotar lens can be enlarged to 24×36 in. Fortunately, European camera manufacturers never bought into the 620 concept, and all of the European medium format roll film cameras employed 120 film. l'analyse est bonne 'elle ' début de saison catastrophe... Christophe Pélissier et Lorient ont chuté contre Lens (2-3). The III E models had an uncoupled rangefinder. There are some reports that suggest that both of these triplets are best when used stopped down. Membre. Comments on photography discussion boards ( is very useful in this area) suggest that prewar versions of these lenses can be soft at the edges at large apertures unless stopped down to f/11-f/22. The Super Pontura is now rare, but was the top of Balda’s line of folding cameras designed for the  demanding photographer. Ils ont pu jouer en avançant, nous, on était toujours à reculer. Daniel Krawczyk évolue à partir de 1995 comme entraîneur-joueur du RC Arras. Founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna in 1756 , Voigtlander was the first factory for optical instruments and precision mechanics in. Cohen, Martin C.,  “Carl Zeiss- A History of a Most Respected Name in Optics”, Online Posting, Company 7 web site, Its optical viewfinder included an uncoupled  rangefinder. Some later Super Ikontas were fitted with selenium-cell light meters. Franck Haise, l'entraîneur des Sang et Or, nourrit des regrets. Isolette and Billy cameras came equipped with one of three lenses: The basic Agnar , the Apotar (a triplet), and the Solinar  (a four-element Tessar design). The prewar models had flip-up optical viewfinders, while postwar models had enclosed viewfinders, and, in the case of the Rolfix IIE, an uncoupled rangefinder. Lens tenait le bon bout contre Nîmes mais s'est fait égaliser dans les dernières minutes (1-1). In 1915, Houghtons Ltd. came into a partnership with W. Butcher & Sons Ltd, founding the joint venture Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to share the manufacturing facilities. Founded in 1908 by Max Baldeweg, Balda-Werk was one of the many successful camera companies in Dresden in the early 1900s. With luck, one may acquire a half-century old treasure that looks as if it was just taken off the shelf. An accessory shoe is located on the top of the rangefinder. The Horizontal Solidas were produced from1953 through the early 1960s. Past this point, spending large quantities of money is overkill. The two trading companies finally merged on January 1st, 1926 to form Houghton-Butcher (Great-Britain) Ltd., which was renamed Ensign Ltd. in 1930. As with the vertical models, there were some additional lens types used, including the f/3.5 Isconar, Ennagon, and Westar lenses and f/4.5 and f/3.5 Frankar lenses. Models to consider are the many Franka Solida models produced in 6×4.5 and 6×6 cm, some of which had rangefinders, and the 6×9 cm Rolfix models. The first consideration is film size. Despite the superb images possible with large format (4×5 and larger), I have avoided formats larger than 120 because of the difficulty and expense inherent in getting large format sheet film developed, scanned and printed. Christophe Pelissier (entraîneur de Lorient) : « Quand on a 30 % de duels gagnés, on ne peut pas exister. Quittant alors le club, il rejoint le FC Metz où il joue une saison et participe notamment au premier tour de la Coupe des coupes. Archive for October, 2009. AC Cambrai; 1977-1983 : Racing Club de Lens (Division 1, Division 2, Division 1) Des fois il faut reconnaître que l'adversaire était plus fort. As candidates for fine art cameras using 120 roll film, Agfa-Ansco’s contenders out of its many products are the Isolettes (and their Ansco versions) in 6×6 cm and the higher-end Record cameras in 6×9 cm. In 1902, these two photographic giants merged to form Anthony and Scovill. cm exposures or 16 6×4.5 cm exposures with a removable mask that drops into the focal plane. The company produced plate cameras until 1930, when roll film camera production began. Lenses will be discussed below and elsewhere in this blog. Passée par le club héraultais, elle a été sacrée championne de France en 2004 et en 2005 en tant que joueuse puis vice-championne de France en 2009 associée à une victoire en Challenge de France la même année en tant qu’entraîneur. L'entraîneur de Lens, écarté en raison de ses mauvais résultats depuis le début de l'année, sera remplacé par Franck Haise, en charge jusque-là de l'équipe B (N2). Folding 120 roll film. Create a free website or blog at Although simple, the Vaskar is reported to produce excellent images. Après avoir disputé plusieurs matchs de championnat en 1980-1981, il devient titulaire l'année suivante. Après plusieurs années dans le club lensois, où il dispute deux éditions de la Coupe UEFA, il s'engage au Nîmes Olympique, alors en Division 2 et ayant comme objectif de monter, ce que le club ne réussit pas. The reader may find it useful to consult David Silver’s excellent article on classic roll film folding cameras on the International Photographic Historical Society’s web site at All the Baldax cameras had solidly built diagonal struts, with a typical shape, larger at the base. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After a long history of producing quality cameras and lenses, Voigtlander became a part of Zeiss in 1965. Le 23 juin 2012, il est nommé entraîneur de l'US Boulogne [1]. Beedham has some interesting conclusions regarding the value of some simpler lenses versus more established names. A camera is a box with a lens on one end and film on the other. Unfortunately, like most removable pieces on old cameras, it is usually missing. The Selfix 8/20 takes either 8 or 12 exposures on 120 roll film. Ludwigs, to the high end Schneider Xenars and Xenons, and Zeiss Tessars and Biotars. Young, D., “Medium Format in Your Pocket”, Planet Nikon website, A useful collection of technical notes and images of a number of classic roll film cameras can be found on A. MacPherson’s “Classic Cameras” web site. Honda Accord Sedan 2009, Black Factory Style Headlights by Spyder®. A 105 mm.f/3.8 Ross Xpres lens is mounted in an Epsilon eight speed shutter. The history of post-reunification Zeiss is complex (for example, cameras named “Contax” had been produced on both sides of the Iron Curtain) and has been well documented on Company  Seven’s web site at In 1834, George Houghton and Antoine Claudet partnered to found a glass company in London, under the name Claudet & Houghton, becoming George Houghton & Sons in 1892. As the waters have receded, however, some fine pieces of photographic equipment have been left behind on the shore. “Super Ikonta”, Pacific Rim Camera, ... moi j’veux pas de lacombe a lens! 24 septembre 2020 10h18 - Sans Gaël Kakuta, Lens ne serait rien ! Balda cameras were fitted with a very wide range of lenses, from the low cost self-branded triplets through Meyers and. It was available with an f/3.5 Enna Ennagon, f/2.9 Isco Westar or  f/4.5 Balda Baltar. L'entraîneur du RC Lens était opposé, en vain, au premier report du match face à l'équipe parisienne. Initially producing plate cameras, the company changed its name to Welta-Kamera-Werk and introduced roll film cameras circa 1920. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany in 1990 had vastly different implications for the Eastern and Western divisions of Zeiss. The Weltur, produced from 1935 to 1940, had a  rangefinder coupled to a focusing system that moved the whole front lens assembly. company, Carl Zeiss Jena, was founded in 1846 in the university city of Jena, in the province of Thuringia in eastern Germany. The main disadvantage of the Bessa II is that it is very expensive:  prices for a Bessa II with a Colour-Skopar range from $300 to $500; with a Colour-Heliar, from $500 to $800; and with the Apo-Lanthar,  from $2400 to $2800. The Nettars, designed as a low cost alternative to the more expensive Ikonta. Biographie Carrière de joueur. The following is a summary of my thoughts regarding a number of models of vintage medium format cameras suitable for fine art work. If the shutter needs to be cleaned, the overall cost will be approximately $100 higher. MacPherson, A. Lenses are either the Vaskar or a 80mm f/3.5 Colour-Skopar, mounted in Prontor or Compur shutters. Nettar cameras were available in 6×9, 6×6, and 6×4.5 cm formats, and were equipped with either  Tessar,  Nettar, or Novar lenses. The Solida family tree, oddly enough, had two branches:  the Vertical Solidas, manufactured from the mid 1930s until the early 1960s, primarily for 6×6 cm with a few early 4.5×6 cm models, and the Horizontal Solidas, Horizontal Franka Solida II with f/3.5 80mm Xenar, Isolette-style folders for 6×6 cm format with a few models having provision for the bizarre format of 4×4 cm. The shutter release and the camera front release are two chromium plated, tear-drop shaped buttons at the front of the top plate. On aura des jours meilleurs, mais il faut apprendre de ces matches-là. Krawczyk rejoint alors l'AS Beauvais Oise en deuxième division où il reste quatre ans avant de redescendre au niveau amateur, à Saint-Omer de 1993 à 1995, puis au RC Arras de 1995 à 1997[1]. The second consideration is the lens type. Later Solida III L models were equipped with selenium light meters; the III EL cameras had both. Later Super Ikontas models had the viewfinder and rangefinder base assembly incorporated into the top plate assembly. One interesting feature is that the body release incorporates a blunt pin that presses into the user’s finger if one attempts to take a picture without advancing the film. Ansco and Agfa-Ansco produced large numbers of cameras, many of which were inexpensive, consumer-grade “snapshot” cameras, while some were of good quality. After World War II and the partition of Germany, both Jena and Dresden became part of  the Soviet-run eastern bloc. The Super Baldax cameras were higher-grade versions of the parent cameras with coupled rangefinders. - Troisième rencontre entre Nîmes et Lens depuis presque 30 ans en Ligue 1. The Weltax was produced both before and after World War II; there are some reports that claim that the postwar units were of lesser quality. In the horizontal series, the Solida IIs are preferable, as they are more sophisticated than the Solida I models, and the Junior and Record Solida cameras are basic models which should be avoided. Frankar lenses were made by Steiner-Optik GmbH of Bayreuth, a well-known manufacturer of binoculars; Steiner also manufactured camera lenses which were of reasonable quality. Sadly, only a portion of the staff and facilities were acquired by Carl Zeiss of West Germany. Franka purchased its lower-end lenses from a variety of manufacturers. Après une formation dans le club de sa commune natale, à Sains-en-Gohelle, Daniel Krawczyk est recruté par le centre de formation du RC Lens, club où son frère Richard est professionnel. The shutters are Prontors or Compur-Rapids with speeds from 1 to 1/250 second. Zeiss Jena was assisted by the US army to relocate to the Contessa manufacturing facility in Stuttgart, where the new headquarters were set up. Other comments suggest that “…triplets are fine lens, especially post war types which are coated and have the new Lanthanium glass…”  and “…the Trinar is a very good lens. In accordance with the nomenclature of the vertical series, cameras designated E had rangefinders and those designated L had selenium light meters. Black housing, clear lens. However, there have been claims on photography blogs that some of the postwar Optons were assembled by relatively unskilled staff and that the lens elements may not retain their position. Superb work can be done readily with cameras costing under $100, and many of the images in this blog were done with Kodak cameras costing under $25. One thing you should be aware of:  Kodak’s ill-fated (to my mind) experiment with 620 film. Many of the early cameras manufactured by the parent Ansco company used larger film sizes that are now unavailable, and should be considered strictly as display cameras. Profound thanks to Stephanie Marriott for use of the information on the Marriott web site, and to Darrell Young, Jurgen Krenkel, and the Living Image Camera Museum for the use of images. On savait que cette équipe de Lens était très forte là-dessus, très agressive, très généreuse et on n'a pas su exister dans ce domaine-là. A camera is a box with a lens on one end and film on the other. In the category of quality folding cameras taking 120 film, the two series to consider are the Bessa 6×9 cm cameras and the 6×6 cm Perkeos. The only inexpensive cameras in the Balda line were the Juwellas, simple 6×9 cm self-erecting cameras with metal frame viewfinders and lenses of modest quality; they are not suitable for high definition work. Maillots Domicile Extérieur Neutre Actualités Pour la saison en cours, voir: Saison 2020-2021 du Racing Club de Lens 0 Dernière mise à jour: 2 juillet 2020. modifier Localisation du Stade Bollaert-Delelis et de siège de la Gaillette à Avion par rapport à la ville de Lens . 35mm cameras were introduced in 1935. Recognizing the potential of these new glasses for photographic lenses, the company hired Dr. Paul Rudolph, who designed the famous Anastigmat, Planar, and Tessar lenses. The Epsilon shutter fitted to the 820 Special usually has a standard 3 mm coaxial connection for flash. The majority came equipped with Tessar lenses (or less frequently, a Schneider Xenar) in Prontor or Compur shutters, with a Novar lens in a Derval shutter, or a Triotar in a Klio shutter as a lower cost alternative. All had body shutter releases, and some models had engraved top depth of field scales. In 1960, the company was purchased by Wirgin. Bulbs: HB4(9006) low beam (not included), HB3(9005) high beam (not included). Partager la publication "Sarah M’Barek devient entraîneur du RC Lens (officiel)", Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. I must admit, however, that I have a soft spot in my heart for these delightful little machines, and would heartily endorse several models for fine art work.

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